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Victoria was introduced to the Real Estate Industry at a young age, growing up watching her Uncle be a very successful, admirable Realtor as well as her background in the Mortgage Industry becoming an Executive Assistant at a young age, Assisting Loan Officers with their transactions and even doing Loan Modifications plays a huge part in the Realtor she is today. Her driven work ethic and forbearing personality combined is only the beginning of what She has to offer as Your Realtor. She was born and raised in San Diego, CA. Her competitive nature was the forefront of her athletic career, playing softball for 11 years, (Pitcher, Second Base, Right & Left field) Soccer and Track & Field. Her love for Track and Field exceeded all other sports because there she learned how much running is a mental sport and how ‘your mind will stop you, before your body will’. In 2011 she moved to Dickinson, North Dakota to accompany her Sister during her College Softball Career as a player and a Coach. There in North Dakota she met her Late Husband and started a family. Shortly after, she purchased her first home, that being her first Real Estate transaction she was reminded of her childhood desire to start a career in Real Estate. Her Late Husband being born and raised in Kearns Utah, she would visit Utah often and with every visit, she fell more and more in love with the State. In 2017 she made the move from North Dakota to Herriman, Utah which was the best decision of her life.
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