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Ryan Alexander Shuput grew up in Holladay, attending Rowland Hall St. Marks. As such, he is intimately familiar with both mouths of the big and little Cottonwood canyons, Alpine, Park City, and the downtown Salt Lake City area. As a student at both the Avenues and 9th and 9th RHSM campuses, he is well acquainted with the various desirable neighborhoods that the greater Salt Lake valley has to offer. The downtown area includes desirable locations in the Avenues, Federal Heights, Capitol Hill, Federal Heights, and University areas. Ryan, in his typically reserved and sagacious manner, can speak eloquently to the specifics of all these areas. The arts have been an integral facet of Ryan’s experience growing up in Salt Lake City. Ryan studied the cello as well as creative writing, giving him a well developed understanding of the experiences Salt Lake City has to offer. Downtown Salt Lake is a vibrant community proffering anything an arts connoisseur could wish for including theater, ballet, modern dance, opera, symphony, or rock & roll. As an appreciator of art, Ryan is eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts to help guide them to the exact streets best situated from which to enjoy their favorite mediums, including the best restaurants. Of course, it is worth noting that there are all manner of sports within the valley in which to participate as well. Counted among the multitude are activities such as golfing, skiing, water sports, an equestrian park, skydiving, hang gliding, trail running, plentiful competitive cycling events, and some enjoy high speeds on the salt flats. As a person, Ryan is quick to laugh, engaging, and always eager to provide his expertise. He understands the manifold reasons that a useful realtor is always on the move to smooth wrinkles in a transaction before they come to the client’s awareness as catastrophes. Ryan is discreet as a sociable and generally meditative thinker, always looking for the best way to accommodate clients desiring privacy.
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