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HI! My Name is Kelly Fischer, I grew up around the Salt Lake Valley and now live in West Jordan with my wife Rainy, My daughter Kyra, and my soon to arrive daughter Rozlyn. Early in my life I went to school for automotive mechanics and for a long time I worked as building and process maintenance. My journey in real estate began when I needed to buy a bigger home for me and my growing family. I decided being a part of real estate and helping families achieve their goals and dreams was the best way to help my family with their hopes and dreams. My family and I love to travel, we go to Disney theme parks at least once a year. I love cars and have been to races around the country. Most of all I love Real Estate. My Family never owned a home growing up so it is really special for me to be a part of the home buying process for my clients. Nothing fulfills me more than being a part of real estate and touching so many people's lives. It is an honor and a pleasure to serve my community.
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